About us:

Innovation in Technology

ACS-SERVICES.ORG  have been around since 1984 in the early computer days, so we know all about computers inside out.

We are an IT company based in Wigan North West England.

Our founder has a PhD in computer science and Masters in micro biology

We have worked on mainframes and vax systems.

We have done computer programming

We have worked on AI (Artificial Intelligence ) Deep learning software.

Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2021

We have worked in China Shanghai / Japan Kobe / Spain Barcelona .

The K computer at the Advanced Institute for Computational Science in Kobe. Image of Advanced Institute for Computational Science

We do computer repairs from base level , laptop repairs - screens - AC power jacks on laptops - anti virus - malware solutions.

We custom build PCs to what you need so no wasted expense on your side for something you don't want or need.

We can supply computer parts, Hard drives,SSD drives,Ram,Screens,cables,Printers,Keyboards, Mice.

OS - windows 10  and  Windows 11 the new OS, we supply both Home and Pro 64 bit versions.

Sage accounts  we can install ,set up and show you how to use and also fix any problems before you pay for sage support!  Microsoft Office 2019 - 2022 - most software we can supply please ask.

Video cards, motherboards, CPU- Intel and AMD.

Networking and networks , servers , data back up solutions, data recovery.

Our Data Recovery service by virus attack or Hard drive fail RING US FIRST before you do anything , do NOT try to repair yourself do not let any one else have a go unless they are Data Recovery Specialist like we are, the longer you delay the worst it can be to get your data back (ring us now 01942 725005) We have a good success rate on data recovery.

We care for your business and your home computers as you do, and treat them as you should expect.

Your security & privacy has always been our priority

Internet and wireless solutions.

Internet and email set up service.

We have an email service that we can set up for you on site, you can keep this email for ever and use it on any computer and smart phone inc tablets even apple. Easy to use and set up and can use with any internet provider that you use.


Download our remote software
,this will enable us to be able to log into your system.For our customers only it offers a secure log in service with ID and Password.


Click to download : ACS customers only

No matter what the industry, computers, computer-controlled equipment, and mobile devices have become integral and essential tools for conducting business. Regardless of the size and complexity of its IT infrastructure, nearly every organisation can benefit from flexible internal IT support. 

We offer Apple mac repairs and sales.

PC sales and software sales

Call us for any problem with your computer or networks.

We have worked with local government services and business thought the North West.

We sell Anti virus products Trend Micro anti virus and security / Malwarebytes.

We do a collection and delivery service local area, outside a small fee is charged.

We offer on site cover and remote access.

Our prices start from Home £99 + per yr Business £299  + per year, please ask for more info.

We supply support packages for Home and Business.

We do full service and Diagnostics on your systems and Networks.

Full systems and warranty cover.

We can supply any make of Computer and Laptop.


Have your PC / Laptop serviced.

Think of this has an MOT for your computer!

We clean out fans and power supply's , check out windows errors and fix them. Clean out old files, update systems drivers, run our in house anti virus and remove anything that should not be there. We will install free anti virus program ( or special offer install full retail anti virus program at cost)

Remove any virus and malware

Fully check the computer and Guarantee to boost its speed.

All for a one off payment of £65  to  £95.00 with full anti virus software from  Trend

Free local collection and delivery service.

Get it sorted now why everything is good, don't let it crash and be too late!!

We are just a mouse click away.

Call or email TODAY for anything you need just ask, we are a call away.

Tel: 01942 725005 / Mob: 07818 433183 9am till 6pm Mon to Fri / Sat 9am to 5pm Closed all day Sunday.


We do one off s and contract work.

We supply support packages for your Business and Home.

Our support packages one of the best inc telephone support ,email support ,messenger and our remote access support ,we log in your computer and most things can be fixed, before you need on site call out,

we can fix office and sage problems  yip no problem

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The new security cameras now offer human pick up so you know who's at your home or work premises .We supply both indoors and outdoors cameras ,all are low light means don't need night vision in most cases.
We also sell covert cameras and rechargeable cameras that go anywhere, we can set them up and install software on both computers and mobile and set them up how you want it to work.

Works off your internet WI FI and also 4G / 5G data if an IP camera works with Ethernet cable.

We supply various security camera makes that are IP or Wireless

Allows you to log in on your mobile and check your property from anywhere in the world. Much better than a door bell!!


We offer IP camera security set up service supplying IP cameras, home / business security software - Full set up service and support. Please enquire. We use Sighthound software one of the best in security. WE have other software for the security cameras ,we can train the software to pick up just what you want and stop false alarms.

Please enquire for more info and free demonstration.

we have lots of customers set up on this system.

  1. SSD (Solid State Drive) hard drives are faster, more reliable and much more efficient than normal hard drives (HDD). Very reliable and durable SSD hard drives are able to withstand knocks and shocks which makes them ideal for using in laptops. However they are now increasingly found in desktop models as they provide very quick start-up speeds and silent operation. Another big plus point is how easy they are to install into your computer case.

  2. A storage device containing non-volatile flash memory, used in place of a hard disk because of its much greater speed. "a decent SSD offers arguably the biggest jump in performance for your general PC experience "We can upgrade most laptops and PC tower if they are on SATA bus , remove the old hard drive and replace with new technology SSD drives , you can even keep the old drive as a data drive and program drive.
  3. You will gain an instant increase in speed and the newer the pc the faster the SSD will be. One the best upgrades to any PC and Laptop today and if you are updating to the New windows 10 then the SSD makes more sense. They come in sizes from 128GB all the way to 2TB
  4. Best performance and cost is with the  256GB  and 480GB drive , they will make your PC / laptop windows start up near instant .Call for info and prices, we are doing an offer on windows 10  or if your laptop will take it windows 11 upgrades with SSD drives so what are you waiting for call us NOW. Go for the 480GB SSD upgrade and your never go back to a normal hard drive, we can even fit the old drive into an Ext USB pocket drive 2.5 and 3.5" call for cost and info.

We sell and will Install Trend Micro Maximum anti virus and security software for both the Home  and Enterprise 

We find this the best and we can do a sweep on your system network , wi fi and can see if any weakness and problems. If your hacked we can also fix that ,best in the Wigan area not our words but our customers.

Top 500 Super computers in the world click icon to find out more.

Get your drivers updated.

Free service.

Just click on each icon to go to manufactures website and update your drivers.

Take advantage of this offer we are offering an upgrade where we will back up your data files and install the full version  of windows 11 not the upgrade version ,after a drive clean. We will install windows 11 for you, all your programs and update drivers and then test and make sure all is fine, all for a one of fee £85.00 this inc collection and delivery both PC towers and Laptops local area only.


This depends on the make and model not all can be upgraded to windows 11, please ask.

Check out windows 11. click logo.


Please use this form below for Enquires / Sales / Repairs and Support

If your working from home we offer a low cost remote access service payment by Bacs, we can fix most problems update the system sort out windows problems, slow computer and internet and we can  install Kaspersky anti virus programs. We can supply low cost laptops configured with Office and Windows 11  with anti virus software, please call us now get you back on line, we have both refurbished and new PC systems ,laptops just enquire. Most with 6 or 12 months RTB warranty. Prices start from £150.00  ask we might just have it.

Look if we cant sort and fix it no one can that's a fact give us a call and try us ,you will not be disappointed.

With the declining economy and rising inflation, we offer some of the best prices and still with quality of services.

Over the past decade in Spain, the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre and Intel have been collaborating on exascale architecture. Now, they are developing zettascale architecture for the next decade. The supercomputing centre and Intel plan to establish joint labs in Barcelona to advance computing.

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